White Women Knocked From Their Pedestal

Why white women continue to think because they have a mouth, that they entitled to use it? Love seeing a white woman put in her place. There’s not much better. This is pure humiliation at it’s finest. When a white girl shows her arrogance and gets a smack down from a woman of color. This is too fine to resist watching over and over. I had to share the video.

Hot White Girl Pummeled by Hot Black Chick


Sure they think they deserving of their white privilege. The White Goddess does exist. But we must remember that it is us, the truly powerful and divine that must knock the white woman off her pedestal. This we must never forget. She is really kinda helpless as a kitten up a tree. Once she’s knocked off her perch she’ll be useless. So anytime I see an uppity hoity toity white girl destroyed by a woman of color, it makes me smile wide.


A Warning to White America: The Black Warrior Queens Are Coming For You!

This Angel only speaks the truth. The downfall of white supremacy will be by their defeat at the hands of the black woman. They will make the mistake of believing that their white woman will be their savior. Of course she will not be able to stop us and the thought of that even being possible is almost laughable. I have no respect for white people but even less for white women in general.

From The Mind of Truthangel


Over the course of 20 years, I’ve studied a lot of issues and had to read a lot.  Racism is a problem that can only be stopped by destroying the biggest culprits of it: The White Man and The White Woman.  Both have employed hatred against darker skinned people around the word and inflicted emotional, psychological, mental, physical and spiritual anguish on innocent people that has had tremendous impact on Black people in succession throughout time.

As a Black woman who loves and cares about my culture and people; I take it absolutely personal.  Those who have followed my blog over the years, and those who knew my from Blackvoices, my words have always been sharp and deliberate.  They are weapons of destruction against the evil force that created White Supremacy.  The audacity of it is repugnant to my senses! On Twitter today, I announced that I  Am The Biggest…

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Ana Nzinga Mbande-Queen of Angola

Please know that history is often portrayed through the eyes of the white man. Whitewashed history is not always the truth. Please take a look at this brilliant article that I have shared and you may read my thoughts below…

It is a blessing unto us that you have shared such a significant story of a powerful African woman, who was a great ancestral leader. The world shall not, unremember the true history makers that society has tried so arduously to make us forget. You can only hide the truth. You cannot erase it. Though white society has tried so laboriously to obscure our past with the myth of the great white dynasty, it is to their impending doom that they have chosen to do so.

I have always believed that the backbone of any society was, and will always be their women. I challenge anyone who wishes to compare the white woman with that of the black woman, and you will see that throughout history the white woman has been fraught with the inability to lead, while the black woman has lead vast civilizations all the way down through the communities in which we live today.

The peril of white society will be that of the white women herself. The woman they have placed so high atop this mythical pedestal, in which they profess her prodigiousness as a “Goddess.” But we all know the truth, that she is a false deity, as she has been placed upon this podium to be used as a weapon of sin, against the weak. Beware that this pedestal is frail and fragile, as it must be protected by her man since it is without foundation. The white woman is unable to lead into battle like Nzinga, as it would force her true worth to be revealed. It is for this reason that the white man expends so much energy protecting their woman, because if the “White Goddess” were to be confessed, than the white dynasty would fall into ruins.

Kushite Kingdom

NPG D34632; Ann Zingha by Achille DevÈria, printed by  FranÁois Le Villain, published by  Edward Bull, published by  Edward Churton, after  Unknown artist

In the 16th century, Portuguese slave traders turned to the Congo and southwest Africa, after their stake in the slave trade was threatened by England and France in the northern part of the continent. Their most stubborn opposition came from an unexpected source: an Angolan queen who ruthlessly maneuvered her way into power, fought off the slavers for decades, and, rumor has it, immolated her lovers.

Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba, also known as Nzinga Mbandi, Anna Nzinga, and Rainha Ginga, was born in 1583 to the king of Ndongo, a kingdom of the Mbundu people in modern-day Angola. The story goes that Nzinga was so named because she was born with her mother’s umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, and the Mbundu word for “to twist” is kujinga (an alternate spelling of Nzinga is “Njinga”). This circumstance was believed to indicate that the child would grow to be proud and…

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The Beauty Con Game

Can ‘Beauty’ Lead To Genocide? What is the REAL AGENDA behind the mainstream media’s relentless degradation of black physical features — and why are black females the main targets of Beauty Terrorism?

‘The ‘Beauty Con Game’ reveals how “beauty” — or the lack of it – has been used to justify the degradation, exploitation, oppression, and murder of black people — and how the SECOND DEADLIEST CON GAME in human history threatens the survival of ALL non-white people, and ultimately, of the planet itself.

Source: The Beauty Con Game

On This Day

On This Day:


Enolia Pettigen McMillan was born in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania on October 20th, 1904. She was the daughter of Elizabeth Fortune Pettigen and John Pettigen, a former slave. The family moved to Maryland in search of improved educational opportunities when she was eight. She started teaching in 1927, before becoming a principle in Charles County. In 1984 she made history when she became the first woman elected National President of the NAACP. On October 24th, 2006 she passed away from heart failure at the age of 102.